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It is particularly important to live in the apartment which would be convenient not only due to its communications and plan, but also would meet the aesthetic taste of the owners. In pursuance of easier achievement of the aims and objectives, we recommend using the services of a professional designer – http://baltmigle.wix.com/whiteye#!projects/ccgi

We are ready to estimate the price of an apartment of different type and interior and provide the project for implementation.

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Apartments with the possibility to choose the desired style of the apartment

In such case, you will simply choose the desired interior and we will carry out all other works.
It is very convenient if you lack time or willingness to carry out repairs by yourself.


A loft is a lifestyle, a spirit of freedom and creativity, disregard of public standards, and a space for self-expression. It fits in perfectly with new and old. The main feature of the loft is a huge open space which, as a rule, is not divided by partitions; generally, only a bedroom or auxiliary premises are separated. A loft is characterised by separation of zones by colours, use of mesh, brick fragments, open ceiling beams, non-standard accessories.

Classic style

This is a refined, elegant, luxurious style with a lot of details both in furniture and different accessories.

It is a style which is always fashionable. Furniture reminds of a style of art with embossed or inlaid details. The classic style is characterised by abundance of various decorative elements, mouldings, luxurious materials, much wood and natural stone, marble.

Modern style

This style is characterised by particularly precise shapes, without excessive details; it has no the background with “excessive” accessories. Much attention is paid to simplicity, colours often may be pastel, light. Favourite geometric forms are square, rectangular, circle, but the surfaces are clean, without decorations or details. The very name “modern style” illustrates the main features of the design. Generally, the style is chosen by people who love space, light and a not complicated lifestyle.


Apartments with partial finishing

If you choose this option, the repairs will fall on your shoulders. But if this is not acceptable to you, we may offer cooperation with our designer and performance of works.


Apartments with partial finishing, but according to your sketches of the interior

This option is nearly the same as option A, but you should provide the sketches of the interior to us and we provide you a possibility to cooperate with your designer in performance of works (all repair works, without furniture).


Turnkey construction of the apartment Option A and option C plus arrangement of the agreed furniture, curtains and other interior details

Option A or B plus arrangement of all furniture, curtains and other interior details. You will need only a key of the apartment.

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+370 630 93630
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