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Ne stage has begun in construction - the opening of the finished facades of the house.
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At the beginning of May, we had a long-awaited event - 81% of all works were finished registered. This means that all our customers who take  a loan at the bank can already sign notarial contracts. We hope to complete all work on the residental house by the end of summer.
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When the walls are ready and the roof of the house is covered, it is not easy to surprise the clients with new spectacular photos, because a lot of hidden and expensive works are performed. All winter months construction work was either...
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Koramic Dachprodukte GmbH & Co KG (Germany) belongs to the Austrian concern Wienerberger, which is the leader in the production of clay roof tiles. Along with the high level of production automation, the traditional manual technique processing of clay is also used.
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We are offering an exclusive option to build gas fireplaces at the Aguonu Greenwich new apartments and create many cosy and warm evenings for you and your families! 🔥👌
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We have more good news - after a thorough inspection, which took the whole year, the Construction Inspection and State Consumer Rights Protection Authority made a conclusion that they didn’t have any remarks whatsoever.
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